How to Choose a Wall Painting, Graffiti or Sculpture Artist in Delhi NCR

The three classical branches of visual art are painting, sculpture, and architecture. While architecture is a formally specialized vertical and you will find a lot of professional architect firms and organized structures same doesn’t apply when you are looking for a painting artist in Delhi NCR and a sculpture artist in Delhi NCR. In this article, we will help you understand basic parameters that you should consider while choosing a sculpture, wall painting, or graffiti artist in Delhi NCR

If you are looking for wall painting or wall mural work you should go for a team of artists that are under an organized structure or a group with experience in executing similar wall mural artworks. This is important as the wall painting and mural work is a team job and needs artists with different skill sets. Also, it is different from canvas or small works and would need different materials, know-how, and quality to last for a long duration of time. There is a tendency to take unprofessional low-cost untrained artists to do the work since they are cheaper but that would lead you to have substandard work that will not last the weather and vigor of time. A wall mural painting work should be taken by a professional team of artists who know the quality, aesthetics, and detail that is needed to deliver a work of art.  

Similarly while choosing a graffiti artist in Delhi NCR you should know in graffiti artwork you would need calligraphy and contemporary artistic skills that are not available with conventional painters. You would have to check past experiences and reference works plus the ability to produce original layouts and work that will stand out from the clutter. The ability to have a creative direction for graffiti work is very important as otherwise, the work may go wrong. Again a professional agency or group is a better option as all the work management is done by them. Also, individual painting artists in Delhi NCR tend to be unprofessional and take the time of clients casually. The guarantee of timely and desired job is with organized agency work because they have several artists with them and they deliver the hassle-free job as per client’s satisfaction.

Sculpture work is more complex and is usually done in the workshop and studio environment. Here the most important thing is sculpture design, material, and size. You should look for a creative art director or agency who can guide the sculptor to produce the desired result.  

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