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Brand Chimes provide specialized services for landscapecuration, care and maintenance of green areas at corporate offices, public parks, flyovers, greenbelts and private farmhouses.

Our green vertical services include planting, care and maintenance services of parks and gardens for private and public housing; public and semi-public buildings (schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, church buildings etc.); municipal grounds (parks, green areas, cemeteries etc.); highway greenery (roads, train lines and tramlines, waterways, ports); industrial and commercial buildings; greenery for buildings (roof gardens, fa├žade greenery, indoor gardens); sports grounds, play grounds and other recreational parks (sports grounds, play grounds, lawns for sunbathing, golf courses); stationary and flowing water (basins, alternating wet areas, ponds, swimming pools, ditches, watercourses, plant sewage systems); plants for protection against noise, wind, erosion, visibility and dazzling.

We make a curated selection of plants and species that will feature as persite locations, characteristics of surrounding areas, terrain morphology, types of soil, irrigation and drainage, climate and micro-climatic conditions.

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