Graffiti Walls in Delhi NCR is a Popular Way of Bringing Colour to City Landscapes

Whether it is a colourful Wall Painting in Delhi on a traffic signal or Wall Art in Noida underpasses or under the flyover you must have seen and liked the artwork on the streets of Delhi NCR. Graffiti Walls in Delhi NCR are a popular means of bringing colour to city landscapes and are like larger-than-life canvases for artists and creative directors who work on mural designs.

These Wall Paintings in Delhi NCR are used by various government agencies, corporate brands, health and education institutes, municipal corporations, etc. for making the public spaces beautiful and engaging with relevant messages to the citizens and stakeholders.

During the Covid times you can witness a lot of Wall Art in NoidaGurugram, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad areas that are made to create awareness about the importance of maintaining distance, wearing masks, washing hands, and also getting vaccinated. The wall murals and paintings are an important way of passing community messaging using art as the medium. We as an art-based agency are involved in various such projects and are happy to share that people from different walks of life notice our artworks even before we complete it. This is the only medium where the target audience is engaged during the process of making the wall mural painting as residents and occupants not only encourage with appreciation but also chat and send children to learn and observe. We also get to enjoy a hot cup of teas and local hospitality of the NCR cities as a gesture of care and gratitude from the citizens. This art brings the best of urban energies together and reflects it positively.

Most citizens are very concerned about the aesthetics of their residential and work areas and are very happy to see good wall painting artwork and help preserve the walls from posters and unwanted trash around. The effect of a wall mural painting or graffiti work is such that it has been observed that the sanitation and awareness level towards cleanliness also increases after completion of wall art. So we encourage all RWAs and organizations to promote art and aesthetics in Delhi NCR to make the area a better place to live and experience day-to-day life.

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